* Moin * Welcome * Mabul Mangarri *

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Tanja Trojan and I am living at the beautiful Baltic Sea in Nothern Germany.

This website is a private project to share my creativity with the world.

Trojan-ArT is my kind of....

... understanding

... interpretating

... dreaming the world.

Trojan-ArT pays respect to...

... the past

... the present

... and the future generations.

Trojan-ArT is passionate about and inspired by AUSTRALIA:

I am fascinated by the unique Aboriginal CULTURE, the special SPIRIT and the MAGIC of Country.

Always following my LIYAN - my heartspirit ...

... 'cause my heart beats AUSTRALIA 🖤💛❤ī¸



Šī¸copyright: all rights reserved @ Trojan-ArT